Food Truck Updates

In April 2018, we took the first major steps into bringing the Slack Wraps branded food truck to the streets by purchasing the step van that will be transformed into a food truck. Starting with a 1991 Oshkosh Step Van that began its life as a Snap On tool truck, work quickly began dismantling the truck's interior removing shelving, cabinets, and all of the wall paneling.

Over the spring and summer months, steady work was put into building the kitchen installing insulation, cement backer board, electrical, and every other component that will go into having our licensed mobile kitchen.

As work continues, check in to this web page for new images and major updates that we will upload here. For more frequent and up-to-date information on our food truck build, follow along with us on our social media pages. 

We hope to see you out on the road soon!